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Video Game Icon Awards

Video Game Icon Awards!
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I decided to start this community because...well...I did! Its for nominating and voting on video game related icons. YAY!
The categories are:
~Fan Art
*Special Category for the week*

Pick up your award here:
Final Fantasy VI Award Set by kefanii
FF Mix Award Set by kefanii
Xenosaga Award Set by shamanic_nurkio
Super Smash Brothers Award Set by jupluna
FFVIII Award Set by fairypark
Ocarina of Time Award Set by einmonim
Final Fantasy X/X-2 Award Set by pandayuna
Metal Gear Solid Award set by noa
Sonic the Hedgehog Award Set by bioplague
Fate/Staynight Award Set by ataraxia

1. You can nominate 1 icon for each category once a week.

2. You can only nominate yourself twice a week. Please nominate others.

3. Each member can only nominate icons from the same icon maker for two different catagories.

4. Please limit icons that have already been in other icontests. We also wish you to ask permission from the maker if this is where you are getting your nominations. Some contest icons are made specifically for that contest and no other.

5. Absolutly no insulting icons. If you don't like the icon, the character, or the game itself, please keep your opinions to yourself.

6. You ARE allowed to promote other communities on here as long as they have SOMETHING to do with videogames/icons. If you would like your community or icon journal to be added to the user info page, please specify that in a comment to one of the mods posts.

7. NO STEALING ICONS -_- Dont take icons from here, this is only an awards community. If you want to use an icon ask the maker through their journal or e-mail.

8. Only one LJ name per user, and anyone that doesnt follow this will be automatically banned.

9. The difference between Animation and Mini-Movie icons:
A mini-movie icon is any icon that has an animation taken directly from the video game or trailer of a video game. This does NOT only mean those icons which have little square movies in a corner, it includes ANYTHING of that sort.
Animation is the blending of at least two pictures through a gif making program. This also include animated sprites.

10. Now that you know the difference, mini-movie icons will ONLY be accepted in the mini-movie catagory and NOT in any of the others. If you have any questions about this please contact JupLuna@intergate.com who is the bastardmod that deals with making sure the rules are followed.

There is a different system to this awards community. When the polls are posted, all members can vote but you are not allowed to vote in a catorgory you are nominated in. Ok, heres an example:

Say I or someone else voted this...
[icon]-by rainecloud
[icon]-by rainecloud

For that week, I can NOT vote in the Funny or Animated catorgories. Instead I will choose the option of "I was nominated." Understand? I hope it makes sense -_-.

.Co Moderators.

.Official Special Award Maker.

All nominations will be posted on Thursday...hopefully...and winners will be posted by the end of the week (hopefully on Sunday). XD Sorry, all the mods have different schedules and others things may come up. If things are late, we appoligize now. Thankyou for understanding! ^_^

Wondering who has won in the past? Why not check out the compiled list of all the past winning weeks in the community?

Special Thanks:
hakukaen for the current default icon. ^.^
kimkenobi for the lovely layout. 8D
kafanii for the 1st and 2nd award set. =D
shamanic_nuriko for the 3rd award set. :)
jupluna for the 4th award set. XD
fairypark for the 5th award set. *.*
firzt_lady for the 6th and 7th award set. O.O
einmonim for the 8th award set. ;)
pandayuna for the 9th award set. :D
noa for the 10th award set. ;D
hitokuse for the 11th award set. 8D
bioplague for the 12th award set. =D!!
ataraxia for the 13th award set. :D!

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