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Two important notes :D!

First off, nominate people! Please! We'll do polls NEXT FRIDAY since I only managed to scare einmonim into nominating this week, hehehe ^^;;

Second off, it's time for another contest for the community~! As we have noticed, we have had this layout for a long time, and while I still love kimkenobi for making it, it has been poll'd and decided upon that a layout contest may inspire people! So onto the good stuff~!

* Only one layout per user submitted. Please don't make multiple layouts and use other accounts to send them in!
* It has to be video game themed! Please don't send in layouts that are from animes or something not related. This *is* a video game community!
* YOU have had to created the layout for this community. Don't use past layouts or layouts you did not create! If I find out you're using a layout someone else made and claiming credit, I will ban you and notify the original maker of the layout of you :)
* It can be of free account overrides, s2 componet style or paid account style. I would say s2 fully, but componet is the only thing of s2 I partially understand and seems to be the popular one. The community will be made a paid account to accept the s2 entries and style entries. You don't need to include a sidebar, but if you do, I will be able to put information on it. Just add some generic stuff and I can fill it out later for the community (:
* No fanart in the layout, UNLESS you are the original maker or you have their permission and they know what it's being used for. I don't want any fanart thief drama circulating around this community.
* Anyone that is a member can submit. Yes, this even means moderators and all can submit a layout. :) The only people who cannot are non-members and me, because I will be viewing all submissions. Wouldn't be fair for me to make a layout when I know the competition, yes?
* Nothing insulting. No naked people, no curse words, nothing against other genders or race. If a layout is insulting, it won't even be in the polls. I will let you know if there's anything insulting about it and you will have the option to change it. If you do not, it doesn't go in the poll. That simple.
* Layouts can be made to fit 800x600, but please make sure they look okay in higher resolutions. This can be very tricky with free style overrides. I also ask to not make a tiny layout that's about 200x400 pixels, or layouts with VERY tiny and difficult text. Tiny text being -20 and font type some font not everyone has downloaded ^^; I also ask that it be 56k friendly. I don't want to spend hours downloading a 5mb file. :) Make sure it's something that won't hurt the eyes
* Please don't show the layout to anyone else. We'd like to keep it a surprise and not a popularity contest by user. I don't want people to vote for their friends - I want people to vote for the layout they like best!
* It does NOT need to focus on one game! I am asking that layouts be diverse, and not focused on just one particuliar game series (Popular examples would be Final Fantasy or Silent Hill). Somewhat like our current layout has FF characters, Link, etc.

To submit a layout, you can send me the full thing, in a zip file or not, to liketheangel@gmail.com. The reason I ask to send it to my gmail account instead of my main account is because my current ISP provider kills all attachments like they're a virus. :) I ask that you include images, the original html file or a text file of that, all the css files and etc. Don't worry about uploading the images to your own webhost and bandwidth - I can do all of that. If you want to send me the directory or a place that has everything uploaded, I can download it there. I will be the ONLY moderator to see this, so I will, of course, not participate to keep this in all fairness. All other moderators and members can send in. I will be accepting layouts until Sunday, February 13th, which gives you a couple weeks plus some to make a pretty layout. If you get one in late, I may accept it due to time zones being different, and since it's V-Day, it'll be a good day to make layouts if you have no one to hang out with :D

The poll for the layout will be made a day or so afterwards, and everyone in the community can vote for which layout they like. Voting will be done with showing screenshots of each layout and the winner will be decided shortly.

If you win, you will win a paid account + extra user icons for an account of your choice (Just give me the username when I declare you the winner), plus the glory of having your layout as the NEW community layout. Just remember, the layout will be decided by your peers, so make sure it's one to appeal to a lot of people.

Whee, I hope I made sense and covered everything. Any questions, feel free to comment :D
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